Trollstock, Trinity’s annual student talent competition, was a hit! More than two hours of Trinity talent poured forth, as one student act after another offered their artistic talents. Three observations. First, I didn’t envy the judges. I trust they were keeping copious notes, using some sort of scoring rubric in a way that would put the judges on “The Voice” or “America’s Got Talent” to shame. Second, the quality was incredible. Original compositions, great harmonies, and creativity were the hallmarks of the evening. And third, I couldn’t argue with any of the judgments the judges made…but I would have liked to add a few more winners.

Andrew Hoekstra and Josh Pollema sing a love ballad

Willie Gesch

Adam Perez

Dan Thayer

Bryan Church





The love ballad that Andrew Hoekstra and Josh Pollema sang was incredible; and Willie Gesch, Adam Perez, and Dan Thayer were superb in their snippets of pop songs. Bryan Church’s original piano composition was awesome. The list goes on and on. But the most memorable moment was singing the doxology together at the end—a true expression of praise to God for the gifts displayed by Trinity students.

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